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ChainSafe: Making your Chain Safe

ChainSafe: Making your Chain Safe

This blog guides those looking to purchase and use Crosby Straightpoint’s newest loadcell —ChainSafe.

It is written by David Ayling, president at FAD Equipment Store and former owner of Straightpoint, which was acquired by The Crosby Group at the turn of 2019. 

He starts by pointing out what you get when you order ChainSafe and what you need to do to rig it in your application… 

  • Interestingly, ChainSafe is one of the first post-acquisition products that combines both Straightpoint and the Crosby Groups state-of-the-art engineering and world-class product design.
  • And FAD Equipment Store is one of the first places to stock it.

What is ChainSafe?

ChainSafe, available up to 4t capacity, is a new Bluetooth wireless tension load cell for measuring forces in lifting and lashing applications.

When you order ChainSafe you get this:

Crosby Straightpoint ChainSafe Loadcell 

Then, from the range of Crosby Grade 100 chain fittings you can fit whatever fitting best suits your application. It’s extremely adaptable and versatile! Look at all these products you can choose from:

Crosby Grade 100 chain fittings


Depending on what fittings you have connected to your ChainSafe, it may look like these two examples below:

 Crosby Straightpoint Rigged ChainSafe Loadcells

However, ChainSafe doesn’t have to be rigged with the same fitting at each end, It could have a S-1311N chain shortening link on top and a GBK hook below. 


The main application for ChainSafe is when fitted with the S-1311N shortening links. These links allow you to connect the load cell to the chain in parallel to the load, rather than without having to rig the load cell on the end of the chain, as this example shows:

Crosby CHainSafe With CHain SHortening Links.jpg

ChainSafe is also useful when measuring loads on:

Crosby Straightpoint ChainSafe Applications

As it is #Bluetooth, there is no need for a handheld display either—just read the load on your #ios or #android #smartphone at a distance of up to 320ft, which is more than enough for target markets, such as construction and heavy haulage.

ChainSafe is designed to work along the length of 10mm chain, creating a force measurement solution that isn’t otherwise possible without rigging a load cell into the lashing.

The product’s design not only provides it with an unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio, but it also allows the use of a separate internal sealed enclosure, providing the load cell’s electronic components with IP67 or NEMA6 environmental protection.

(We blogged about IP67 / NEMA6 here).

Update rate of 1Hz

ChainSafe is supplied with an update rate of 1Hz. That means that once per second it takes a measurement and transmits it to an app. In this application, that’s sufficient, but if you need to get into high-speed dynamic monitoring, a Radiolink plus (or another load cell) should be utilized.

Also note that Bluetooth and smart phone apps run at an update rate of 1Hz, so functioning at 3Hz, for example, like other Straightpoint products, would serve only to waste battery. The product does boast unrivalled battery life of five years, based on two hours of use per day, while an internal antenna is another standout feature.

Purchase your ChainSafe Bluetooth wireless tension load cell here.

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