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See the Benefits of Crane Cameras

See the Benefits of Crane Cameras

It is easy to understand why many regulating authorities are looking at mandating crane camera systems, which enhance productivity and safety on all kinds of lifts and applications.

As the first U.S.-based online supplier to stock Crosby’s range of BlokCam camera and alert systems for tower and mobile cranes, we are often asked questions about this technology. People want to learn more about these systems and understand how to use them, especially as more and more regulating authorities look at mandating their use.

  • “All cranes should be mandatory camera-equipped and the BlokCam product is the most advanced system I’ve seen” — crane operator.

Where are crane cameras used?

Crosby BlokCam’s systems have delivered clear enhancement of load handling in several sectors, most notably construction and renewable energy. We share a belief that the crane is at the heart of the construction site and recognize the value of keeping the lifting crew and site personnel safe and operational. Stakeholders in the wind energy market began to realize that there were numerous incidents in and around the erection of wind turbines, especially.

Crosby BlokCam

Crosby BlokCam systems are designed to be easy and quick to install to cranes.

However, given the clear benefits of camera systems and the ease with which they can be installed, we are seeing much wider utilization, even in the special transport sector—an industry where Crosby’s other products, such as tie-downs, are widely applied. Contrary to what many people say, a vertical lift doesn’t have to be present for a camera system to deliver safety benefits. These cameras are perfect for any application involving big, heavy, hazardous, or critical loads, where an operator is working in the blind.

Where there is a hook and a load, there is a role for cameras.

What systems are available?

We stock three main systems in this range:

  1. The X2—for tower cranes
  2. The M3—for telescopic and mobile cranes
  3. BlokAlert—a wireless, audio-visual warning system

The X2

The X2 was the industry’s first fully modular system compatible with tower cranes. It uses high-powered neodymium magnets and boasts a raft of features, including an auto-focus lens that always gives clear views of the load and surrounding area beneath the hook.

Unlike other systems on the market, it also offers users audio from the sensor to the cab. Optional single and split-screen modes can be provided with additional cameras. The system can record on loop for up to 30 days.

The M3

The M3 was the first fully modular camera for telescopic and mobile cranes. It can be installed in just a matter of minutes! Many of the standout features of the X2 are carried over, while an all-in-one display combines the monitor, repeater, and processor in a purpose-built, fast-fit system. The M3 has a HD display with built-in speakers, automatic brightness control, less than 0.2 seconds of latency, and multi-voltage AC and DC inputs.


BlokAlert is a wireless, audio-visual warning system that can be quickly and easily deployed to the hook block of a crane. When activated by the lifting crew, the BlokAlert receiver gives out a recognizable audio-visual signal that can be seen and heard by site personnel in proximity to the hook block or load. This forewarns the workforce to the position and movements of the hook block, increases awareness, and reduces the risk of being struck by the crane’s hook block, lifting accessories, or load.

Did you know, that on many worksites, the distance between the horn, often located near the operator’s cab, and the load, is inconsistent and does not efficiently warn as to the position of the hook block or load? The same can be said for airhorns or whistles when used by riggers—in both scenarios, the attention of the workforce is diverted to where the sound is coming from, as opposed to the hazard.

Crosby BlokCam

Crosby BlokCam’s systems have delivered clear enhancement of load handling in several sectors, most notably construction and renewable energy.

Delivery and installation

The X2, for example, is designed to be easy and quick to install to tower cranes—it can be fitted in an hour. The crane hook camera is supplied with one S4 camera but up to four cameras can be deployed on a single system. Offering 3,200 ft. wireless range the product is suitable for the largest crane systems in use.

What’s in the X2 box?

  • 1 x S4 camera with 113° wide angle lens. The low profile design, tool-free operation, and rotatable lens, allows for easy installation on any side of the hook block including in between the cheek plates.
  • 1 x X2 hook block transmitter.
  • 1 x B5 19.2v, non-hazardous, hook block battery. Unique tool-free design and easy grip finger slots makes it easy to install, remove, and charge with CS1 charging station (supplied).
  • 1 x R4 repeater, to be mounted on the jib, boom tip or cab. The repeater has been specifically designed for fast, wireless, telescopic deployment.
  • 1 x M2 10.1 inch, 16:9 LCD monitor with built-in speakers and a HDMI input. It has a 1,280 x 800 pixel panel with automatic brightness control.
  • 1 x P2 processor, which can project multiple high definition images and audio through a single HDMI lead with less than 0.2 seconds of latency. The design of the processor accommodates multi-voltage AC and DC inputs making the BlokCam system compatible across all types of cranes. The processor also provides power to the monitor, eliminating the need for a secondary socket or power supply.
  • 1 x transport case.
  • 1 x 12v in-cab cable assy for P2.

Crosby BlokCam

The X2 was the industry’s first fully modular system compatible with tower cranes.

What do crane operators say?

One crane driver of over four decades called his camera “the best safety device that they’ve ever put on a crane”.

Another pointed to the fact that they can see what they’re hooking up and if it is being hooked up properly.

Another says, “I was glad to see these products come onto the market.”

Then there’s the advantage that operators can see the depth that they are working with—even in a blind spot. The product always gives clear views of the load and surrounding area beneath the hook, a customer says.

Crosby BlokCam

The crane is at the heart of the construction site.

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