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Abell-Howe base- and wall-mounted jib cranes are manufactured here in the USA for durability and ease of use in many industries including oil and gas, automotive, aviation, construction, mining, wastewater, and third-party logistics (3PL). Jib cranes are commonly installed permanently in a facility, whereas a portable davit crane might be more suited to temporary use. Jib cranes are often used with a chain hoist.

Our Abell-Howe jib cranes include the popular base-mounted pillar jib crane that is available in 500 lbs. thro 10,000 lbs. capacity and spans from 10 ft. to 20 ft. This heavy-duty floor crane is often installed in manufacturing and assembly applications, where its rugged construction makes it suitable for repeated, long-term use. A rolled steel I-beam section with tapered flange allows for smooth trolley travel.

However, the range is varied and includes jib cranes for a multitude of applications. As with all FAD Equipment Store products, it is important to choose the right crane for the material handling or other application at hand. The first decision a user will make is whether they want a base- or wall-mounted solution; this will depend on things like required jib rotation (degrees), floorspace, height-of-lift, type of production line, loads, and so on. The wall-mounted tie rod jib crane offers 200-degree rotation for maximum hook coverage, while the full cantilever wall-mounted crane, available in 1/4 tons thro 5 tons capacity, presents up to 212-degree rotation for high hook lift applications.

The wall-bracketed enclosed track crane utilizes a lightweight track design for a sturdy and economical solution. Here, 200 degrees of rotation is utilized with easy movement and increased headroom.

Floor-mounted solutions include a light-duty model, perfect for use with hand chain or light duty electric hoists; and a foundationless version, for applications requiring only 6 in. of concrete depth. This crane, provides 360-degree rotation on a tapered roller bearing, providing full capacity vertical and radial thrust loading. Also foundationless, the popular base-mounted pillar jib crane, again, offers 360-degree rotation, but must be centered on a square foot area that is free of cracks, seams, control joints and walls.

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