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EcoAccom is an Internationally recognized supplier and installation specialist of Modular Space Solutions. They provide design and installation solutions for pop up, semi-permanent and permanent applications.

Their modules can be used for a multitude of purposes including offices or living accommodation, storage, classrooms, bathrooms, sun houses, hospitals.

The unique design allows for single units that can be stacked two high offering multiple office/accommodation on two levels.

The EcoAccom product range has been designed over many years incorporating client feedback and engineered development through industry quality and safety standards.

Flexible designs incorporate the latest in Modular Technology including fire test certification in most countries worldwide.

Transportation savings of our units are considerable and can save up to 80% on conventional modular designs due to the flatpack nature of our products.

Ten foldable “Type 2” cabins can be transported on a standard 40ft truck compared to a competitors product that is two per 40ft truck.

In addition to our engineered solution’s, consideration has been given to the ease and speed of assembly with our “Type 2” module being fully assembled in 4 to 6 minutes.

EcoAccom are ISO 9001 and Bureau Veritas Certified.

EcoAccom operates throughout North, Central, South America and Europe.