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Giant-Move has selected a variety of material handling solutions for the store, including hydraulic furniture movers, platform trucks, carts, shelves, drum dollies, and forked devices. The manufacturer offers systems that are used in warehouses, distribution centers and across the breadth of U.S. supply chains. In all instances, the equipment is designed to enhance safety and efficiency at the point of use, often eliminating the need for manual handling. Ergonomic and other solutions also fit within our customers’ lean manufacturing programs.

While the hydraulic furniture mover meets requirements for transportation of large and / or heavyweight items, Giant-Move’s corner movers are used to move loads in close quarters or handle odd-shaped equipment or furniture. Aluminum platform trucks are popular because they have a clean appearance, yet are built with heavy-duty use in mind. Carts, meanwhile, are available in many different types and sizes to meet the diverse needs of customers in front offices, stockrooms, warehouses, laboratories, and elsewhere. Where some products in the range will be used with different items or product, Giant-Move’s steel drum dolly, for example, facilitates smooth handling specifically of 55-gallon drums.

Another standout product in the range is the adjustable fork platform that boasts a low profile and adjustable forks; it is useful for moving various sized pallets and boxes of material throughout the warehouse. These products are fabricated with a hardened frame that gives customers long service life of an easy and simple to operate stacker. Lift tables are also popular among customers as a raft of product features suggest.

Giant-Move is among our manufacturers that serve to keep supply chains and material handling operations moving, safely and efficiently. Begin a furniture mover, platform truck, cart, shelf, drum dolly, or other product purchase today. As with all material handling equipment in the catalog, Giant-Move solutions can be sourced as single items or in multiples—all available with free, quick shipment.

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