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Due to current supply challenges we are not able to offer the GRIPPS product range. We hope that these can return to the website in the near future. We do apologies for any inconvenience.

P&I Supply has made available its range of GRIPPS products, a portfolio of tool drop prevention solutions, helping people in every industry work at heights smarter and safer. Drop prevention is in high demand by end users that work at height, including those in construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, and a myriad other marketplaces. In simple terms, in all environments, the range can be used to reduce the risk of injury and damage from falling objects.

The catalog includes bags and pouches, drop mats, gloves, scaffold component tethering, tether-ready tools, tool belts and holsters, and more. The hand-picked collection of drop prevention products includes the popular Mule Bag, the “champion” of the GRIPPS lifting bag range, providing a broad range of transportation and work-site mounting options. The tough design with multiple reinforcement points makes it one of the strongest lifting bags on the global market, purpose-built to operate and last in the harshest of workplace environments. The width of the bag allows for manual transportation even when climbing up caged ladders.

All drop prevention products are typically small, light, and easy to ship. Upon delivery, they are equally straightforward to apply at the point of use and then store away again until they are next required. Basic instructions are included on the tag of most products. There is no required maintenance but like any safety product they do require inspection before each use.

Interestingly, there is no OSHA or ANSI required training to use these products, though P&I Supply does recommend that all drop prevention is used as a feature of an organization's safety program and, as such, adds that only certified competent persons or trained individuals install drop prevention products.

It is always important to guard against improper use of drop prevention products. Remember, even a fully functioning product in perfect condition, when misapplied, may result in injury.

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