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Storage & Guarding

Safe and efficient storage of product is key to a productive workplace. Depending on the kind of work that takes place in a facility or on a site, the type of storage systems are varied. At the forefront of our industrial storage product offering are leading USA-based manufacturers that have pioneered development in this sector. Other products are suitable for pallet racking and column / corner protection, and serve as safety protection from building structures and overhead hazards.

  • from $141.00

    BeastWire Mesh Rack Guarding


    BeastWire Mesh Rack Guarding is designed to stop product or material falling from a rack and landing on workers or visitors. Steel mesh prevents sh...

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    from $141.00
  • from $408.25

    BeastWire Mesh Storage Locker


    BeastWire Mesh Storage Lockers are simple, modular systems that can be used to create storage for equipment or apparel. Lockers can be installed in...

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    from $408.25
  • from $2,179.80

    FordLogan Driver Access Cage


    FordLogan Driver Access Cages prevent unauthorized access to restricted work areas, whether they be in a distribution center, warehouse or factory....

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    from $2,179.80
  • from $1,247.62

    FordLogan Security Cage


    FordLogan Security Cages are triple-crimped, diamond wire mesh and provide lasting protection for materials and personnel at a lower cost. All pane...

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    from $1,247.62