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Vestil Manufacturing Corporation offers a variety of dock equipment, ergonomic solutions, drum handling tools, and material handling solutions—all supported by its popular 48-hour shipping program.

Highlights selected for this store include:

  • Furniture and crate movers
  • Standard pallet trucks
  • Cold room hand pallet trucks
  • Economy hand pallet trucks
  • Low profile pallet trucks
  • Pallet master single forks

Renault McHenry, the company’s inside sales representative, says that research and development is the lifeblood of the business, and the product range is constantly evolving as a result, but the 48-hour shipping program is a major selling point for many end users.

Vestil, a member of trade association MHI, provides products for use in a multitude of end-use applications all around the warehouse, factory, distribution center, and storage facility.

Interestingly, included in our range is the cold room hand pallet truck, which is perfect for cold and freezer environments, commonplace in food and beverage, and pharmaceutical facilities, for example. Despite its durability in such environments, a manual hydraulic pump design maximizes functioning simplicity and nylon wheels keep surfaces from getting marks and scuffs during movement.

Also popular are the furniture and crate movers that also move vending machines with great ease. Users simply slide the nose plate under any item to be moved, strap both dollies together, and lift. The economy hand pallet truck, meanwhile, is specifically for lifting heavy pallets and skids. The low profile pallet trucks, which ships with the handle detached as standard, enters pallets from all four sides. 

The ever-popular standard pallet truck, which also ships with the handle detached as standard, boasts a proven ergonomic design and has been time-tested for providing years of reliable service. It is an economical way for one person to move heavy pallet loads without the use of a fork truck.

Perhaps less familiar to many end users is the pallet master single fork—a half-size pallet jack designed for compact areas, such as shipping warehouses and retail outlets. With a minimal turning radius this pallet jack can maneuver well in confined spaces. The fork can be raised and lowered with the use of the steering handle.

Browse and shop for your cold room hand pallet truck, standard pallet truck, pallet master single fork, or other Vestil material handling product below.