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Crosby | Speedbinder Load Securement Tie Down

by Crosby
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Save your drivers time and reduce stain injuries using a Crosby | Speedbinder Torque drive binder for load securement or relocating shifted loads.

Used by steel hauliers, big chain rental companies, construction, excavating, bobcats, heavy equipment and machinery moving companies across the USA.

Utilising a 24:1 extreme edge gearbox this unique tie down tool is operated using a cordless drill rather than a traditional manual "paw" arm. The Speedbinder quickly allows you to secure loads to a maximum of 13,000lbs and 5/8" chain. 

G70 rated the Speedbinder is finished in non-chip paint with zinc plated gearbox. Grease zerk is fitted as standard.

We recommend the use of the Dewalt DCK299P2 drill, but the Speedbinder can be operated using a 14mm wrench or socket.


This product is eligible for FREE Shipping

Typically dispatched in 1 working day
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How to operate

  1. Attach the handle to your drill to help curb the rotational forces that you will be applying. It is important to use both hands.
  2. We recommend setting the torque setting (dial on the collar) to seven to start. This gets most chains super tight. Adjust up or down the numerical range to best suit your needs.
  3. Run your slack in on second or third gear (look for the switch on top of the drill) and reduce down to first gear when you feel any hint of the drill pulling down.
  4. As your chain appears to be getting close to the desired tightness, ease on the trigger because you will begin to experience some twisting torque on the drill. This thing is powerful...again, it is important to use both hands.
  5. We have approved the use of a 3/8 impact. It is lighter, more manageable, and you can operate with one hand. Please do not use a 1/2 impact. This will void the warranty. The trade-off is that the drill gets the chains tighter, but you will have some twist to counter. The impact is easier to use and will wear the drive bolt a tad quicker. Drive bolts take about five minutes to replace.