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Caldwell Lifting Solutions

Caldwell Lifting Solutions previously know as The Caldwell Group manufactures in the USA a range of below-the-hook lifting solutions for crane, material handling and other applications, including in a range of rated capacities:

  • Lifting beams
  • Spreader beams
  • Vacuum attachments
  • Remote releasing hooks
  • Forklift attachments
  • Lifters
  • RUD Lifting Eyes
  • RUD Chain slings

Its core product range combines safety and durability with ease of use. The majority of Caldwell’s standard lifting products don’t require a great depth of technical knowledge as users can refer to easy-to-read data charts that outline the lifting parameters and capabilities of the equipment. They are popular among ecommerce customers who utilize them in a variety of applications in a multitude of end user markets. A hand-picked product offering for this material handling equipment store puts solutions a click away from buyers in the manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, rail, wind, water, marine, military and highways sectors—and everywhere in between.

Much of Caldwell’s equipment range is pre-boxed and on-the-shelf, ready to ship via parcel carrier. Larger items, meanwhile, can be quickly palletized and shipped via any common less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping company. Upon delivery, very little assembly or post-shipment instructions are required. The manufacturer endeavors to keep set-up and use as straightforward as possible so equipment can quickly and efficiently be put to a material lifting or moving application.

Where more complex assembly is required, clear but detailed manuals are included with every shipment. Anything that does not include motors or gearing is extremely low maintenance. Note that there are some periodic inspection recommendations on certain items but those details are included in operator manuals. Most of the range is easily stored away for future use, but the manufacturer does advise that advanced consideration is given for storage of specific larger items, such as higher capacity beams.

Interestingly, demand for Caldwell’s products varies throughout a calendar year, depending on the lifting technology or rigging item in question. For example, the manufacturer notes that products suited to use in the construction industry tend to experience a spike in demand during warmer months, while other equipment is more influenced by trends dictated to by cyclical and general economic conditions.