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Forklift attachments

Our forklift attachments are manufactured to make your forklift truck, or lift truck fleet, more versatile. Forklift trucks are used the world over for picking pallets and other loads with their forks. However, few people realize how versatile lift trucks can become with simple attachments. Forklift lifting attachments can safely convert an industrial truck into a more dynamic lifting tool and / or tailor its use to a particular load. Our range of forklift booms, providing in some cases up to 12 ft. of horizontal reach, capture this diversity perfectly.

Fitted with a single swivel hook, Caldwell single hook forklift beams can safely turn your forklift into a small crane. This product is available in 4,000 lbs. and 10,000 lbs. capacity. Our single fork hook helps to provide positive handling of loads otherwise impractical for forklifts. It can be easily attached with no special wrenches or tools required. Double hook beams feature swivel hooks, making this beam useful in a variety of applications.

Another product of note is the fixed fork pallet lifter, which converts an overhead crane to a lift truck and allows for ease of loading and unloading in not-so-accessible areas. Featuring a steel frame with fixed forks, this maintenance-free lifting device, available in capacities 1 ton thro 3 ton is ideal for handling loads similar in size and shape or repetitive handling of the same size load.

Utilizing forklift clamp attachments, boom attachments, and forklift crane attachments, it is possible to widen the applications that are possible with one of the most common material handling tools in industry—the forklift.

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