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Cranes & Hoists Accessories

Cranes and hoists rarely operate alone; there is nearly always an accessory or two involved above, below or even on the hook. It might be to make a connection to a beam or another structure inside or outside a building.

We stock a number of these accessories that end users put in their baskets along with cranes, hoists and other products—but they are also consumed as individual items as the need for them arises.

For example, Crosby Accolift’s trolleys adapt easily to a wide range of beams and configurations that work in conjunction with hand chain hoists or lever hoists.

Our friends at Oz Lifting also offer a range of trolleys, often for quick adjustment to a beam. The manufacturer’s push beam trolley for fall protection is rated at 400 Ibs.

The accessory required is always dependent on the lifting technology, the load, and the application. Our builder's hoists mount a little differently to a traditional hoist with a top bracket assembly that goes over a pipe or another mounting solution, like a hoist beam clamp. The option can help avoid potential obstructions or visibility issues users may encounter. These builder’s hoists are commonly required to operate on or around temporary scaffolding. Our special mounting arm allows quick, safe installation, and adds efficiency at the point of use.

Which accessories will help your cranes and hoists operate safer, faster, or more efficiently? Which ones could you utilize to put a crane or hoist to work where you didn’t think it was possible before?
Browse our range of crane and hoist accessories here.