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The importance of slings is realized in the fact that very few cranes and hoists make direct contact with a load. In other words, an item of lifting or rigging hardware, such as a lifting sling, must make that connection. We stock many types of slings, including polyester roundslings, in varying lengths and capacity. Each can be used as a single rigging sling or in multiples as pick points, shape, and size of load dictate.

Central to the range are Gunnebo Industries’ alloy chain slings. When rigging with multiple pick points, the Gunnebo oblong master link connects multiple slings, using a combination of single, double, single and double, or two double slings. The GrabiQ combines multiple functions in a single component.

The dual master grab’s integral chain pockets permit shortening or creating leg loops for each leg. Every link of the chain is calibrated and pull tested to 62% of the minimum breaking force. The GBK self-locking hook will act as a gauge to signal an unsafe, bent hook or latch. The EGKN sling hook, meanwhile, is supplied with a heavy-duty latch.

A sling or lifting sling might also be referred to as a sling strap or lifting and rigging strap. Regardless, it is always important to remember that a lift is only as safe as the connection between the hook and the load.

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