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Lever Hoists

Unlike the chain hoist, which can only be used upright and vertical, the chain block and lever hoist can be used in multiple orientations. A range of lever hoists from 3/4 ton up to 9 tons, improve safety when pulling, lifting, lowering, moving and skidding objects.

Products include Crosby Accolift’s premium lever chain hoist, which allows use by a single operator. A control knob and locking lever ensures the hoist cannot be locked when the hoist is under tension. This hoist is also available with overload protection.

OZ Lifting’s premium lever hoist, meanwhile, features overload protection as standard. Ranging from 0.75 ton thro 9 tons in capacity, 20 ft. height of lift is available. Among our newer products is OZ's Dyno-Hoist, a dynamometer-equipped product from 0.75 to 9 tons capacity. It gives users a real-time reading of the load (in kilograms or pounds) they are applying to the hoist, whether it be a lifting or pulling application.

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