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REID Lifting

Reid Lifting’s various lightweight, portable, aluminium lifting systems, help users to achieve their operational and safety objectives efficiently and effectively. The manufacturer has combined innovative design with expert engineering to build a reputation for quality, resilient gantry cranes for use in all kinds of marketplaces and applications.

REID Lifting Range

Whether it be a 4,400-lb. to 11,000-lb. capacity Porta-Gantry system or Porta-Gantry Rapide, various sizes are available to suit operational requirements. Further, every product is designed for easy transport, rapid assembly, and safe use. The newer Porta-Gantry Rapide is a lower capacity version of the manufacturer’s popular units of the same name, but presents additional end-use benefits. Each gantry offers three height and length options, meaning nine variations are available at each capacity.

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The Rapide especially is suited to the rigors of the industrial market, where frequent transportation is required, while the original version had already proved its durability in a myriad of applications for the best part of a decade. One person can assemble the Rapide in less than 60 seconds. The frames easily fold onto the beam, forming a compact, storable unit; a storage container keeps it safe during shipping and transportation to and from site.

Customers use these lightweight, portable, aluminium gantries in mill righting, civil construction, and mining, where increased utilization of such lightweight cranes has been seen over a period of time. However, use is also widespread in the renewable energy, water and wastewater, oil and gas, height safety and rescue, automotive, marine, nuclear, and utilities sectors.

FAD Equipment Store customers note that, depending on configuration, the range can be anywhere from one person to three person ANSI-compliant for fall arrest, further enhancing its versatility. Due to portability and ease of assembly, the products are often used as a safer alternative to a tripod for confined space work, but have been used in applications as varied as art galleries, water treatment works, and solar panel installation on floating pontoons.

Most end users find multiple weekly, or even daily, usages for Reid Lifting’s lightweight, portable, aluminium lifting systems.