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Lifting Chain

We stock a full range of Crosby and Gunnebo branded chain for lifting and pulling applications in the most demanding of industries.
Grade 100 chain has a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio than Grade 80. Crosby spectrum 10 alloy Grade 10/100 chain is 25% stronger than Grade 80 chain. The heat-treated chain is proof tested at two times the working load limit and arrives with certification. Grade 100 chain also has a harder surface, offering end users certain advantages when working with applications that might be abrasive.
Gunnebo’s unique GrabiQ concept is based on a chain sling’s three main functions: masterlink on-hooking to a crane hook; connecting of chain leg to masterlink; shortening of chain legs by shortening hooks. By moving from single-function to multi-function, Gunnebo reduced the number of components required in a rigging application. Where a four-leg top assembly is traditionally 15 pieces, with GrabiQ it is three pieces only. A two-leg sling top went from seven pieces to one, and a one-leg sling went from four pieces to just one. GrabiQ gives users the guarantee of correctly-sized components for the size of chain.