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Crosby | ACCO

Crosby | Accolift, a manufacturer of a range of material handling products including engineered manual and electric hoists, Patented Track cranes, and industrial cart and trailers, has selected for this store its recently-launched manual chain and manual lever hoists.

Carrying the renowned Accolift brand, the hand chain hoist is available from ½ ton to 20-ton capacity and the lever hoist from ¾ ton to 9-ton capacity. The chain and lever hoists represent continued evolution of already popular products.

The hand chain hoist is a portable, lightweight, dependable unit that will be widely utilized in a variety of end user applications at machine shops, industrial maintenance facilities, construction sites, and production environments where heavy parts or equipment need to be positioned accurately. As FADE users recognize, chain hoists offer maximum flexibility and mobility for infrequent lifting applications. This product features an overload device, as standard. Spark- and corrosion-resistant options are available with load chain, hand chain, wheels, and load hooks in stainless steel. Bronze load hooks, wheels, and nickel-plated hoist bodies add further dimensions to the offering.

The lever hoist, meanwhile, increases a worker’s efficiency in pulling, lifting, lowering, moving, and skidding objects in industrial, construction, maintenance, mining, shipbuilding, and utility sector applications. FADE visitors will note improved free chain operation and storage of the bottom hook on the hoist body, for improved safety when moving the lever hoist from one location to another. Storing the load hook prior to transport keeps the load hook off the ground and away from possible snagging and dragging through debris.

All Crosby | Accolift products are high quality and built for long service in industrial applications.