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Cranes and aerial lifts are nothing without components and ancillary equipment, which is why vendors like DICA are so important. You can’t simply drive a mobile crane or aerial platform onto a site and start working without a second thought. DICA’s range of engineered thermoplastic outrigger pads, crane pads, and cribbing ensure that aerial devices, digger derricks, concrete pumpers, and smaller cranes can operate safely, in line with OSHA guidances.

The importance of ground conditions and proper outrigger support cannot be overstated, as following best practices in this area provides the foundation to any successful application. Blocking, or cribbing, is material used to support equipment or a component and distribute loads to the ground. Remember, 1926.1400 is a crane rule that addresses who should use supporting materials, commonly known as outrigger pads, crane outrigger pads, crane mats, cribbing and dunnage.

1926.1401 defines ground conditions and supporting materials, while 1926.1402 goes into detail on how to assess and prepare the ground prior to using supporting materials such as outrigger pads or crane mats. You may wish to consult this documentation before browsing our store.

Our range of DICA SafetyTech Outrigger Pads, available from 11 to 29 lbs. capacity, is specifically for smaller aerial lifts, digger derricks and landing gear equipment. SafetyTech Outrigger Pads offer superior strength, durability and ergonomics in all lifting environments. They represent ease of use, unbreakable strength and long lasting performance. Stabilizer pads’ TuffGrip handles are strong but comfortable to the user.

Our DICA ProStack Cribbing, meanwhile, available from 26 to 68 lbs. capacity, is for aerial devices, digger derricks, concrete pumpers and smaller cranes. ProStack Cribbing, available in slot lock and pyramid lock, offers customers peace of mind and added safety. By interlocking together, ProStack blocks create a safer equipment set-up under the stabilizer or outrigger foot. This enhances safety in situations where the ground is not level. The greater the load that is exerted on the outrigger construction cribbing block set-up, the tighter it locks together and the better it performs.

The right combination of shear strength, compression strength, and rigidity are required to effectively support and distribute imposed loads and pressures, as Kris Koberg, CEO at DICA, says.

Did you know that, in 1988, Dick and Carolyn Koberg founded DICA using the first two letters from each of their names? The next generation of Kobergs are in various positions throughout the company today. It is a pleasure to carry their renowned range of products.