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Crosby | Straightpoint

Straightpoint (SP) manufactures a range of load monitoring products that can be used by anybody but utilize cutting-edge technology to provide information about movement of material in a lifting, lowering, pulling, pushing or jacking application.

Stand out features of the range include:

  • 3Hz standard measuring rate
  • 3200ft wireless range
  • Dynamic and static load monitoring
  • Leading strength to weight ratio
  • 1200hr battery life 
  • IP67 or NEMA6 waterproof protection

Under ownership of The Crosby Group since 2019, constant investment is ploughed into SP’s modern manufacturing hub that produces tension and compression load cells, load shackles and other equipment, including its best-selling Radiolink plus, the most popular dynamometer on earth. Like many products in the range, the Radiolink is designed to be rigged with Crosby standard shackles, also available on this equipment store. ATEX and IECEx versions are in stock for hazardous areas, Zones 0, 1 and 2, which are the force measurement tools of choice for professionals in the oil and gas and petrochemicals sectors, for example.

Another popular product is SP’s COLT (Clamp On Line Tensionmeter) with an advanced Bluetooth load monitoring app among a myriad of standout features. The app is perfect for monitoring multiple load cells or shackles, while the Handheld plus device is supplied with the Radiolink plus as a standard shipment. Simplicity of use and state-of-the-art tech again combine on the manufacturer’s Insight software, which offers multi-channel display and data logging, visualization, and center of gravity modes.

All SP products are lightweight—the 55,000-pound capacity Radiolink plus weighs just 11 pounds—and shipped in a carry-case or wooden crate, depending on capacity. Following use, the equipment can be returned to a box and placed back in a rigging store before the next use. All products are provided with proof test and calibration certifications, and alert users when recalibration is required, which can be completed quickly and cheaply by a network of recalibration laboratories across North America.

Load monitoring products are increasingly popular and necessary tools at indoor and outdoor facilities of all types, in a multitude of industries. Planned or unplanned load movement is made inherently safer by rigging an SP dynamometer or monitoring device to the application.

Multi-lingual user guides are another standout feature of product catalogs and specifications, available on this website.