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Heavy Lifting Equipment

As demand grows to lift heavier loads, lifting and rigging equipment must keep up, much like the technology we use to measure and monitor forces, including our best-selling Radiolink plus load cell.

In some end user sectors, like renewable energy, new innovations are being put to market to enable heavier items to be lifted more frequently than was possible even only a few years ago.

As cranes and hoists get bigger and stronger, so too must below-the-hook equipment, like spreader beams, shackles, slings, and other components. Often in heavy-lift applications outdoors, headroom is not limited, which is why our Caldwell adjustable spreader beam (2-ton to 10-ton capacity) is so popular.

DICA outrigger pads are especially crucial when there is more load on the crane as well. Then there’s our best-in-class Crosby shackles, hoists, and components.

Make sure your next heavy lift is a safe lift.