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Seen Safety

Seen Safety sensors create pedestrian critical risk zones around heavy equipment. They are simple, effective, but affordable pedestrian safety systems that protect people from forklifts and other mobile machines. The company’s range of Iris 860 sensors, for example, reduce risk in industries where pedestrians work in close proximity to material handling equipment, like forktrucks and wheel loaders.

Forklift trucks are essential in many workplaces, especially in the warehousing and manufacturing industries. They are also one of the leading causes of accidents and injury, largely because they move and turn quickly and frequently travel in reverse. By using Seen Safety products, employers and operators can minimize these threats in freight logistics and distribution; manufacturing; food and beverage; ports; heavy materials processing; waste and recycling; forestry; and other end-use applications.

Every day here in the U.S., there are near misses or tragic accidents involving pedestrian workers and machines, such as industrial trucks and telehandlers—but with these sensors there doesn’t have to be.

For more information about the Seen Safety range of pedestrian critical risk zone sensors for fork trucks contact us here

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