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Lifting & Spreader Beams

Lifting and spreader beams are utilized below the hook of a crane or hoist. Lifting beams are typically designed for a bending moment versus the spreader beam that incorporates top rigging and is designed for a compressive load.

Caldwell’s standard spreader beams are manufactured up to 130-ton capacity and lifting beams 40-ton capacity. Standard lift beams offer a span of 42 ft. at 40-ton capacity, while, if the capacity goes up to 80-ton, only 20 ft. of span is available. The two primary considerations when deciding whether a spreader beam or lifting beam is required are capacity and headroom.

Caldwell’s adjustable spreader beam is ideal for outdoor applications and where headroom is not limited. The beam adds stability to the lift and the telescopic spread comes as standard. A wide range of sizes and capacities are available, ranging from 2 ton to 10 ton. The adaptable lifting beam, meanwhile, is available up to 5-ton capacity and has adjustable spreaders and a lifting bail as standard. The spread adjusts in 6" increments along the lifting beam and the bail also adjusts horizontally to enable lifting of unbalanced loads and allows handling of a wide range of loads. Our composite, fiberglass and / or fixed crane spreader beams for lifting might also best suit your rigging requirements.

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