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Crosby | BlokCam Crane Camera Systems

We are the first North American supplier of crane safety equipment to stock BlokCorp’s range of camera and alert systems for a safer and more efficient lifting industry, following its acquisition by our main supplier, The Crosby Group. Did you know that many regulating authorities are already looking at mandating crane camera systems? Renewable energy is the latest sector that is pioneering use of the technology.

The Crosby Group, a global leader in lifting, rigging, and load securement hardware, only recently added to its portfolio the manufacturer of innovative camera and alert systems for cranes. These systems provide crane operators with critical visual and audio capabilities. Importantly, these cameras are not only for tower cranes. In fact, they are commonly installed on mobile and industrial cranes. They are perfect for any application involving big, heavy, hazardous or critical loads, where an operator is lifting in the blind.

Reality is, a camera comes into play as soon as the operator is working without clear sight, which can happen even a couple of feet from the hook and rigging gear. FAD Equipment Store and Crosby share the view that a crane operator can lift the safest when they have clear sight of the load, riggers, and surrounding environment.

BlokCorp solutions include the iconic BlokCam crane hook camera systems, but it recently launched BlokAlert, an audio / visual warning system to alert crane operators when workers are in harm’s way. BlokCam Office Link, meanwhile, allows the data from a BlokCam to be captured in a site office for site and crane monitoring and surveillance. A host computer monitors and downloads data from multiple systems. Benefits include:

  • Ability to take screen shots
  • Footage for training
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Rugged mounting bracket
  • IP66 protection

With a 4G router connected to a BlokCam system, users can live stream crane footage, while the Versatile-Cam is a hardwired option that gives users the ability to include additional sensors. When using multiple cameras, Footswitch allows hands-free operation. Users can now attach crane camera systems to a hook block with a curved surface using BlokMag.

Interestingly, BlokCorp sits in Crosby’s newly formed Technology Solutions business unit, which includes the wares of load cell and dynamometer manufacturer Crosby Straightpoint, whose technologies are also available in this store.

Are your operators working in the blind? Source your tower, mobile, industrial or other crane camera systems at FAD Equipment Store coming soon!