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Crane Block Camera Systems & Safety Alarms

The Crosby BlokCam range of crane hook camera systems is steeped in innovation and technology that directly improves the lift of heavy and oversize loads. The X3L and M3L systems have delivered clear enhancement of load handling in a number of sectors, most notably construction and renewable energy. Modular cameras, and other safety systems, improve communication and overall awareness during lifting operations using advanced audio-visual technology. We stock high quality, purpose-built, hook-mounted safety systems. Beyond the overarching safety and productivity gains presented by the range, each BlokCam product represents a universe of innovation in its own right. The X3L and M3L systems, principally for tower and mobile cranes, were recently joined by BlokAlert, an audio / visual warning system to alert crane operators when workers are in harm’s way.

The X3L was the industry’s first fully modular tower crane camera system. It uses high-powered neodymium magnets and boasts a raft of features, including an auto-focus lens that always gives clear views of the load and surrounding area beneath the hook (HD 1080p resolution). The M3L, meanwhile, was the first fully modular camera for telescopic, crawler, gantry and mobile cranes, mainly because it can be installed in just five minutes.