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CompOZite Davit, 1200lb capacity


Patented and made in USA. 4 position boom and mast made of advanced composite material which is corrosion resistant and light weight; about 40% lighter than steel. Ratchet screw jack adjusts boom under the load giving you infinite range of lift, 360 degree rotation of crane on sleeve bearing and no tools required for installation.

Davit not sold with base. Be sure to see base options below.

Specification Video Downloads

Choosing your davit crane base

Once you have selected the right crane/s, there are a variety of mounting options that, again, are dictated to by the type of crane, lift and application environment. It might be that you buy a single crane and multiple bases for different purposes.

There are three types of base:

1. Pedestal - The pedestal base is commonly used on rooftops, where davit cranes might be utilized for maintenance or bolted to the floor in a facility. Users just mount the base where they need to make a lift and move the crane from base to base.

Pedestal base for Composite Davit, 1200lb

2. Socket - Socket bases are used mainly in the back of trucks or used in an area where the installer will pour cement around the base to keep the surface area flat and offer high mounting strength.

Socket base for Composite Davit, 1200lb

3. Wall-mount - The wall-mount base allows a davit crane to be attached to the wall of a facility to save floorspace, perhaps on a production line or at a workstation. Each base comes with a mounting template.

Wall mount base for Composite Davit, 1200lb

  • In all cases, it is important to check the capacity of the mount and its compatibility with the crane/s selected. One wall-mount will not work for all davit cranes, for example.