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Elevator Tension Meter Tool - Clamp On Line Tension (COLT) Meter from Straightpoint

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This is the COLT - Clamp On Line Tension meter with Bluetooth output to free iOS and Android app from Crosby Straightpoint. The COLT is the perfect wire rope meter and clamp on tension meter to measure the tension in elevator car wire ropes up to 1" in diameter. 

The app features a bifunctional Elevator Mode, which can be used to weigh or balance elevator cars in new installations and in maintenance or repair applications.

The tool and app combine to measure tension on each cable, automatically calculating car weight; it also measures and calculates balance of load across up to 10 cables.

The app then prepares a full report that can be emailed from the smartphone also recording worksite GPS co-ordinates and local weather conditions.

Its unique sheave design means wire ropes from 3/16" to 1" diameter can all be measured without the need to change sheaves. Unlimited wire rope database - over 160 are currently stored in the cloud database - view the current wire rope database here

The COLT is waterproof to IP67 or NEMA 6 and has been drop tested from 10 feet and retains accuracy making this the ideal tool for workers in the field checking line tensions. 

Supplied with a wire rope diameter gage. 

Optional calibration verification rod is also available allowing the user to check calibration accuracy in the field.

Video Downloads FAQs

Is the COLT supplied with a case? Yes, COLT is supplied with an aluminum flight case with a purpose moulded internal foam to keep the product, spare batteries, the CVT calibration rod, and your wire diameter measuring tool safe while you are on the move.


What does drop tested mean? During development and part of the approval process with Crown Castle, American Tower, and NATE it was necessary to ensure that the COLT could withstand and maintain accuracy when dropped. So the product was dropped multiple times at different angles from a height of 10 feet or 3 meters onto a solid concrete base. After each session of drop tests the COLT was tested for accuracy — and passed!


Do I need to change sheaves if i switch rope diameter like other products on the market? No, the COLT’s unique design means that only the sheaves that are fitted to the product during assemble are needed for any rope up to 1 inch diameter. The adjustment for different rope diameters is done by a quick adjustment of the center sheave height from positions 1, 2 and 3 — it takes seconds.


How many wire ropes are stored on the COLT? This is the clever part: all the wire ropes in the database are stored on a cloud server; when you install the app it downloads the database. As Straightpoint add new wire ropes to the database, you will get those added to your app also.


What if the wire rope I am using is not held in the database? Easy: get a 10 foot sample to Straightpoint and they will add it — Free of charge!


What else does the app do? As well as measuring the load it also data logs it into a report that also includes local weather conditions and GP coordinates of where the job took place. If measuring guy lines the app will allow you to set up how many lines or legs are to be measured and then after measurement tell you what the adjustments to balance the loads should be.


Is the app expensive? No, its Free! You can download for iOS or Android devices and it even has a simulate mode so you can try the app before your purchase the COLT tensionmeter.


What if I don’t want to hold my smartphone when i am using the COLT? Another easy one: the COLT is supplied with a cellphone holder so you can clip the phone straight onto the COLT and free up both hands to measure or adjust.