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Tower and Crawler Crane Camera Systems

Tower and Crawler Crane Camera Systems

Crane mounted camera systems are a useful tool for tower and crawler cranes to enhance safety, improve visibility and increase productivity.

For tower cranes we recommend the X3L system and for crawler cranes we recommend the M3L system.

Here are some ways the Crosby Blokcam camera systems can be used on these types of cranes:

  1. Enhancing Safety: Camera systems can provide improved visibility and sound feedback of the crane's surroundings, including blind spots and areas that are difficult to see from the operator's cab. This can help to prevent accidents and collisions, especially when working in crowded or confined spaces.
  2. Improving Visibility and communication: Camera systems equipped with audio can provide operators with an audio-visual view of the load they are moving, making it easier to position the crane accurately and avoid obstacles or hazards. This can help to reduce the risk of damage to the load, as well as improve productivity by reducing the time needed to make adjustments.
  3. Increasing Productivity: Blokcam crane camera systems can also help to increase productivity by allowing operators to work more efficiently. For example, a camera system can allow the operator to monitor multiple loads or work areas at once, or to work from a remote location without the need for a spotter.

Crosby Blokcam Screen in cab

Some common types of camera systems that are used on tower and crawler cranes include:

  1. Boom-mounted cameras: These cameras are mounted on the boom of the crane and provide a view of the load and the surrounding area.
  2. Hook-mounted cameras: These cameras are mounted on the crane hook block and connect wirelessly to a monitor in the operator's cab providing a view of the crane's surroundings, including blind spots.
  3. Wireless remote cameras: These cameras are mounted on a remote-controlled device, such as a drone or a mobile camera, and can be used to provide a view of areas that are difficult to see from the crane's position.

Crosby Blokcam Range

It's important to note that camera systems should be used as a supplement to, rather than a replacement for, proper crane operating procedures and safety measures.

If an audio alert of a load in proximity is required rather than a camera system Crosby BlokAlert should be also considered. It is a wireless, audio-visual warning system that can be quickly and easily deployed to the hook block of a crane.

Once activated by the lifting crew, the BlokAlert receiver emits a recognisable audio-visual signal that can be seen and heard by site personnel in proximity to the hook block or load.

Operators should always follow established safety guidelines and use camera systems as an additional tool to improve safety and productivity.

For more information please contact me or check out our Crosby Blokcam page.




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Eve Mitchell - June 21, 2023

It’s good to know that camera systems can help improve the communication between team members. I work in construction, and my boss wants to buy a new camera system for our cranes. I definitely think that would make it a lot easier to communicate with my team.

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