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FAD Equipment Store Expands Team

FAD Equipment Store Expands Team

FAD Equipment Store has recruited e-commerce guru Austin Helton.

Headquartered in South Carolina, the store — — puts lifting, material handling, safety, and load monitoring products a click away from end users in marine, warehouse, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, renewables, and other markets.

Helton, a serial entrepreneur and digitalization specialist, joins as Vice President, Application Sales and Market Development. He will report to David Ayling, President.

“My goal is to simply help package and market the immense value that is already compiled in the team,” said Helton.

“I am super excited to join forces with the store and help push the e-commerce model forward in this very traditional, B2B industrial space,” he continued.

Helton is experienced in creation and execution of data-driven strategy that has positioned countless businesses at the top of their marketplaces. His initial focus will be on presentation of key products to buyers in targeted end-user sectors.Austin Helton, Vice President, Application Sales and Market Development, FAD Equipment Store.

Ayling said: “A standout feature of successful businesses is that they have the best people in the right roles. In Austin, we have added a true expert in e-commerce, with a proven track record of delivery, even in the most competitive of marketplaces. Austin adds a different perspective to our team but the enthusiasm, energy, and authenticity that he brings to our dealings means he fits in perfectly.”

Helton added: “I believe the team has a unique and very real opportunity to market these products online in a modern and convenient way that creates real and immediate value for customers. Modern technology and e-commerce, married with the industry experience, vendor relationships, and deep product knowledge that these guys have, is in my opinion the differentiating value and recipe for success in the always competitive online landscape.”

Helton also joins Jeff Miller, General Manager; Peter McGreal, CFO; Mark Bridger, Vice President, Business and Product Development; and Richard Howes, Vice President, Marketing and Communications.

Begin a lifting, material handling, safety, or load monitoring product purchase today at

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