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Kito Crosby

Kito Crosby is a specialist in the innovation, manufacture and distribution of products and services used to make lifting and load securement safer and more efficient. With global engineering, manufacturing, distribution and operations, the company provides a broad range of products and solutions for the most demanding applications with uncompromising quality that exceeds industry standards.

Chosen for this store are its range of shackles, SpeedBinders, wire rope clips, turnbuckles, McKissick blocks and CrosbyIP clamps and magnets. The company has invested many resources into helping end user markets overcome common challenges, including lowering costs by providing reusable, longer-lasting equipment. The breadth of product range delivers solutions to end user markets at varying points of a supply chain, including manufacture, transportation, installation, maintenance and training.

Its shackles, for example, are commonly used to connect the slings or load to a winch or crane block. The shackle is one of the most powerful, important, irreplaceable pieces of material handling equipment there is. Shackles are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in nearly every rigging, lifting and material handling operation because they serve the critical function of connecting various pieces of lifting equipment to the load. Crosby wire rope clips, meanwhile, are used in a myriad of applications to clamp the loose end of a length of wire rope, once it has been looped back to form an eye. Shackles and wire rope clips are just two standout products in our comprehensive Crosby portfolio.

The company is set apart on numerous levels because of a breadth of product range, its availability close to the point of use, and, importantly, its enviable status as a 95% vertically integrated manufacturer. Vertical integration provides complete control of the manufacturing process from raw material to finished goods. This control ensures product inspection throughout the process, affording a high level of quality and consistency across all product lines. It gives a manufacturer control over supply chain and quality of raw material source; internal engineering; product innovation and new product research and development; proximity to industry trends; control of product scheduling and manufacturing process; and much more.